Mississippi Sports Betting, Casino Play Rises In November

Mississippi Sports Betting, Casino Play Rises In November
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The month of November was kind to Mississippi sports betting locations and casino play. Month-over-month gains in wagering handle and a slight decline in slots handle marked the second-to-last month of the year.

Overall, Mississippi sportsbooks took in $62,412,735 in total sports betting handle in November, which was up 26.1% from October’s total of $49,503,679. That was also the highest total this year and the most since sports betting in Mississippi accounted for more than $74 million in handle in December 2022.

As far as gaming revenues were concerned, Mississippi sportsbook operators saw $3,103,061 come their way in November, which represented a 57.7% decline from October’s sum of $7,344,506, according to numbers reported by the Mississippi Gaming Commission.

Nationally, the Magnolia State’s sports betting handle in November currently ranks No. 13 out of the 18 states and Washington D.C. that reported numbers as of Wednesday morning. Overall, Mississippi’s sports betting handle in November ranks between No. 12 Oregon ($71,231,497) and No. 14 West Virginia ($56,419,080).

Nationally, New York ($2.109 billion), New Jersey ($1.623B), Pennsylvania ($934.1 million), Massachusetts ($636.8M) and Michigan ($584.1M) are the leaders in sports betting handle so far in November.

Mississippi Sports Betting, November vs. October

Betting handle Revenue
November $62.413M $3.103M
October $49.504M $7.345M
Change Up 26.1% Down 57.7%

Casino Play Also Up In November

Mississippi casinos also basked in the glow of the late fall, with the facilities taking in month-over-month gains in slots win, table games drop, and table games hold, offsetting a slight month-over-month decline in slots handle.

Overall, Mississippi casinos took in $2.068 billion in slots handle, which was down 0.9% from October ($2.087 billion), while the state’s slots win ($158.704 million) was up 1.0% month-over-month (from $157.144 million in October).

The numbers for Mississippi casinos were slightly rosier when it came to table games, as the drop was $147.835 million in November (up 2.9% from October’s total of $143.655 million), while the revenue from the contests was $25.720 million (up 7.5% from October’s total of $23.922 million).

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