Mississippi Sports Betting Down Big In April

Mississippi Sports Betting Down Big In April
Fact Checked by Nate Hamilton

The typical April swoon seen in sports betting markets across the country officially took hold in the Magnolia State this year, with a 31.9% month-over-month in wagering handle.  

Overall, Mississippi sportsbooks took in $31,805,004, which was down from March’s sum of $46,689,392 and 10.4% from last year’s total of $35,503,585.  

As far as sports betting revenue was concerned, Mississippi sportsbooks raked in $4,347,138 during April, down 12.2% from March’s total of $4,953,171.  

Through four months of the year, sportsbooks in Mississippi have raked in just over $175.5 million in sports betting handle. That figure represents just under an 8% drop from last year’s total of $190.4 million during the same period.  

As for casino gaming in the state, Mississippi facilities took in $2.213 billion in slots drop (down 5% from March’s $2.329 billion), $159.347 million in table games drop (down 5.4% from $168.354 million in March) and $29.624 million in table games hold (down 6.4% from $31.640 million in March).  

Mississippi Sports Betting, April vs. March

Betting handle Revenue
April $31.805M $4.347M
March $46.689M $4.953M
Change Down 31.9% Down 12.2%

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Where Mississippi’s April Wagering Haul Ranks Nationally

So far, Mississippi’s $31,805,004 sports betting handle for April ranks well outside the top 10 nationally, coming up more than $100 million short of No. 10 Kansas (which had a $133 million April handle).  

Nationally, the leaders in the sports betting handle clubhouse are New York ($1.55 billion), New Jersey ($834 million), Pennsylvania ($579.3 million), Pennsylvania ($572.2 million) and Michigan ($338.1 million).  

For Mississippians, the thing to watch is whether the state’s sportsbooks continue their yearlong slide year-over-year as the slower wagering months of the late spring and summer take hold.  

Last year, the facilities raked in $93,861,263 between May and August, averaging out to roughly $23.465 million per month.  

With no professional or SEC football to bank on, it’ll be interesting to see if college and professional baseball can spur an increase in wagering activity within the state of Mississippi.  

For now, sportsbooks in the Magnolia State are left to wonder what went wrong, with another year-over-year decrease in handle and the leanest months of the wagering calendar on the horizon.  



Christopher Boan is a writer at BetMississippi.com specializing in covering state issues. He has covered sports and sports betting in Arizona for more than seven years, including stops at ArizonaSports.com, the Tucson Weekly and the Green Valley News.