Mississippi Sports Betting Handle and Revenue Up Slightly in August

Mississippi Sports Betting Handle and Revenue Up Slightly in August
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The handle for sports betting in Mississippi increased in August compared to July, the first time since March that the amount wagered exceeded the previous month.

The sports betting revenue also gradually rose last month, remaining in the $2 million range for the third consecutive month, according to figures from the Mississippi Gaming Commission.

Casino revenue in the state declined compared to July, with both slot machines and table games taking in about 12% less than they had the previous month.

Here is a breakdown of the Mississippi gaming action for August.

Mississippi Sports Betting, August vs. July

Betting handle Revenue
August $21.235M $2.687M
July $18.296M $2.527M
Change Up 16.1% Up 6.3%

Breakdown of Mississippi Sports Betting

The total handle at the state’s sportsbooks in August was $21,234,898, or 16.1% higher than the July Mississippi figure of $18,296,341. However, the amount wagered in August was down 0.9% from the $21,436,948 reported in August 2021.

As for revenue, Mississippi sports betting increased 6.3% in a month-over-month comparison, from $2,527,212 in July to $2,687,465 last month.

The August revenue figure was 42.5% higher than 12 months earlier; the state’s MGC website recorded $1,886,405 last August.

The state breaks down casino handle and revenue into three geographic regions — coastal, central and northern. The coastal casinos handled about two-thirds of the state’s wagers for August, as is usually the case. Coastal casinos saw $14.2 million in handle and $1.75 million in revenue last month.

Central casinos had $4.16 million in handle and $618,375 in revenue, while the figures at northern facilities were $2.875 million and $322,045, respectively.

With NFL and college football in full swing for September, expect a dramatic increase in sports betting figures across the board for that month in Mississippi.

Mississippi Casino Revenue Declines

After a boost in July, the figures at the Magnolia State’s casinos for August fell back down to levels very comparable to the Mississippi June revenue report.

The drop, or handle, at slot machines in August was $2.139 billion, down 12.4% from July ($2.441 billion). The machines took in $169.82 million in revenue last month.

The drop at table games fell 12.6%, from $186.21 million in July to $162.81 million. The revenue for August stood at $30.4 million. Again, last month’s handle figures were close to June, when the state had $2.142 billion in amount wagered on slots and $158.57 million from table games handle.

In another development, the MGC issued a gaming license to Saratoga Casino Holdings, LLC, which is purchasing the Magnolia Bluffs Casino Hotel in Natchez. The deal was reported by the Natchez Democrat newspaper. The sale will be completed by Oct. 2, according to the report.



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