Mississippi Sports Betting Up, Casino Revenue Down in August

Mississippi Sports Betting Up, Casino Revenue Down in August
Fact Checked by Michael Peters

 The eighth month of the calendar year provided a mixed bag for Mississippi sportsbooks and casinos, with month-over-month increases for the former offset by decreases for the latter.

Overall, Mississippi sportsbooks took in $21,392,231 in sports betting handle during the eighth month of the year, representing a 20.7% jump from July’s total of $17,728,739.

As far as wagering revenues were concerned, Mississippi sportsbooks raked in $2,691,244 in August — up 9.2% from July’s total of $2,463,671.

Over on the casino side of the aisle, gaming facilities in the Magnolia State saw slight decreases in slots drop and win, to go with table games drop and win. Overall, Mississippi casinos took in a slots drop of $2.193 billion in August, which represented an 8.2% month-over-month decline from July’s total of $2.388 billion. The Magnolia State’s slots win in August was $167.687 million, down 7.9% from $182.083 million in July.

As far as table games were concerned, the drop in August was $161.735 million, which was down 7.7% from July’s total of $175.203 million. Lastly, Mississippi casinos reported a table game hold of $26.622 million in August, down 12.6% from the $30.451 million the facilities took in during July.

Mississippi Sports Betting, August vs. July

Betting handle Revenue
August $21.392M $2.691M
July $17.729M $2.464M
Change Up 20.7% Up 9.2%

Where State Sportsbooks Rank

Through eight months of the calendar year, Mississippi sportsbooks have taken in just over $261.8 million in wagering handle, averaging out to $32.7 million per month. At the same point last year, operators had collected $284.2 million in handle, representing a 7.9% year-over-year decrease in collective handle.

Mississippi’s August sports betting handle put the state well outside the national top 10 for the month, coming in well short of No. 10 Kansas, which reported $94.4 million in wagers in August. The national leader in wagering handle during August was New York at $1.1 billion.



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